Temple of Heaven

Zen Visions is an artistic journey into the heart of East Asian culture, where tradition and creativity converge. This collection transcends boundaries, inviting viewers to explore the serenity and beauty of the East through a vibrant array of visual expressions. Each piece captures the essence of East Asian culture, reflecting the profound connection between heritage, artistic expression, and the natural world.

The collection is on Deca.art as mint-on-demand.
First piece of this collection is
Temple of Heaven



The sky turns red, but the Temple of Heaven stays a mystery in parallel worlds, where time and space create complex puzzles about its real appearance. This artwork is inspired by the Chinese Temple of Heaven, pixelated and animated using Adobe Photoshop in 287 x 396 pixels.
Artwork information: MP4 format / 12 fps / 11 sec loop / 1434 x 1980 pixels / 2023

Also, there are posters created by fantastic artists. These posters will be available to mint for 0.01 ETH after he 1/1 is sold. (More about posters from Deca)

1. Temple of heaven in voxels by Farnaz Paykanpour 
Let’s walk around this Chinese architecture in voxels

Farnaz is a metaverse architect and a voxel artist. She loves discovering the relationship between cultures and traditional architecture



2. “Red Gates Temple” by ILHAM
As the homage to the rich cultural heritage of temples and the symbolic significance of red gates. Inspired by Naime Pakniyat pixel art, I strive to capture the essence of
cultural temples, portraying their architectural intricacies and spiritual ambiance. The vibrant hues of red gates in my pieces symbolize not only their visual allure but also the profound cultural and spiritual meanings embedded within. This cultural treasures, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diverse traditions it represent.

Ilham is a Visual Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer from Indonesia where she lives surrounded by lots of culture with so much beautiful art and massive diversity. This cultural richness has inspired her to create art and works that celebrate the beauty and complexity of Indonesian culture in psychedelic and surrealism style. She has a sacred purpose to start her journey to explore and create art about all the tribe and cultures in Indonesia, and will be different tribe each years



3. “Hachikō’s Epochs of Loyalty Rewarded at the Temple of Heaven” by 2009block0
Each frame of this animated GIF is a digitally painted vector graphic, composed of thousands of vector shapes, representing a distinct epoch in Hachikō’s living reality.
Hachikō (ハチ公, November 10, 1923 – March 8, 1935) was a Japanese Akita dog remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, for whom he continued to wait for over nine years following Ueno’s death.

2009Block0 is a digital multimedia artist whose creations have carved a distinctive path in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art. Known for defying conventions and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, 2009Block0’s work is an immersive journey through the realms of technology, culture, and human experience



4. “Cats in the Temples” by Jeff Roland
Bringing my Art in soft sketches into Naime’s work was a pleasure. Cats are known to love temples and with a digital manipulation I harmonized both our styles in a resulting piece that brings even more magic.

Jeff Roland Born in France in 1969, he is a prominent Neo Outsider artist. Having co-created the movement, Jeff creates bold, colorful personal pieces, which reflect a constant desire to explore the human psyche. His paintings are not limited to a dualistic world view. The artist firmly believes that between the two most extreme points there are many universes and infinite possibilities. As such, his works record the fluid transition from one state of being to another



5. ” Heavenly Custodian’s Realm” by Meysvm
Amidst red-hued skies and parallel worlds, the Temple of Heaven remains a mysterious anchor. As the custodian, she unravels enigmas, personifying tranquility within the celestial puzzle.

Meysam Ahmadi, AKA XO Meysvm, graphic designer and digital creator



6. “I Love NFT” by DR
“I love NFT,” it is a poster for the beautiful work, “Temple of Heaven” by the talented artist, Naime. As the title shows, it is about the love for NFT. In this artwork, a cartoon character, wearing an “I love NFT” t-shirt, is taking a selfie with Naime’s artwork at an exhibition. The contrast between the image, the title of the artwork, and the character of the devil represents the character’s love for NFT and Naime’s work. In summary, the love for NFT and Naime’s artwork compels the devil character to take a selfie with conflicting concepts.

DR Avank, a graphic designer and cartoonist with over 28 years of experience, has won several international cartoon awards. His works have been exhibited in numerous international cartoon exhibitions in different countries and have also been published in various international cartoon books. He has been a member of the Deca Decurators council since the first council