Naime Pakniyat
Born in Feb. 24th 1994

2017-2020 | Master of Animation, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran
2012-2017 | Bachelor of Graphic design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University

​​​​​​​I have always been a big fan of cultures, especially Eastern ones. In 2016 I found the combination of pixel art and traditional paintings and elements as a bridge between past and present, ancient and modern life and I started my Persian miniature pixelated journey. In 2020, it led to start the production of my first 3 minute animated movie ,named “Gambit”, a film which was my final project for my MA in Animation course at Tehran University. The film has already been selected in more than 20 international festivals and was rewarded in some of them.
Later in August 2021, I joined the NFT space. Most of my NFT pieces are inspired by the Persian miniature. I try to add my kind of stories to that bed of cultural elements which I borrow from miniature.
Going deep into my art, I design the buildings and space in my art based on the perspective used in Persian miniature and add the same kind of people with the same kind of costume to tell my own stories.
Besides that there’s always been a great intention toward Japanese and Far East culture inside of me. As my genesis NFT was a piece inspired by the Shibuya crossing. In my point of view, traditional buildings and elements are full of precise details that are lost in today’s fast-paced world and I aim to keep these cultural elements from fading away by mixing pixel art ,as a modernity sign, with traditional aspects from ancient times.

2024 | Cine Minhocão, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2024 | 13th Tehran international Animation Festival, Tehran, Iran
2023 | CINANIMA - International Animated Film Festival of Espinho, Portugal
2023 | Future Vision Festival, Tokyo, Japan
2023 | NEOSFEST Encuentro Internacional de Experimentación, Puebla, Mexico
2023 | Festival Film Bahari, Cirebon, Indonesia
2023 | Festival du Court Métrage de Loubens, Occitanie, France
2023 | That's ANIMATO!, Torino, Italy
2023 | Roshd Educational and scientific Film Festival, Tehran, Iran
2023 | Seoul Indie-AniFest, Seoul, South Korea
2023 | Festival du Film d’Animation de Savigny, Savigny, Switzerland
2023 | Digerati Emergent Media Festival, Denver, USA
2023 | Khabarovsk International Animation Film Festival “Animur”, Khabarovsk, Russia
2023 | Student World Impact Film Festival, USA
2023 | RE-FRAME: Debut Film Festival, Vienna, Austria
2023 | streetside cinema/, Winston-Salem, USA
2023 | ELO(KUVA)KUU, Savonlinna, Finland
2023 | Golden FEMI Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
2023 | Happy Valley Animation Festival, Pennsylvania, USA
2023 | kinofestival “Light of the world”, Krestovaya, Russia
2023 | The Konyaaltı International Short Film Festival, Antalya, Turkey
2023 | Quarter-Finalist, Aakruti-My Creation International Film Festival, Mumbai, India
2023 | Sorrento Film & Food Festival, Sorrento, Italy
2023 | Finalist, MOVE Summit, Scotland, United Kingdom
2023 | LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival, Sassari, Italy
2022 | First-Time Filmmaker Sessions @ PinewoodStudios, England
2022 | Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine
2022 | Palestinian Refugees Film Festival, Bethlehem, Palestine
2022 | McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival, McMinnville, Oregon
2022 | 7th Siding Festival of Film, British Columbia, Canada
2022 | Cartoon Club, Italy
2022 | Sharjah Film Platform,UAE
2022 | PAFestival, São Paulo, Brazil
2022 | Festival internacional de Cine Austral, Córdoba, Spain
2022 | Linea d’Ombra Festival-VedoAnimato Contest, Salerno SA, Italy
2022 | CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival, Iloilo, Philippines

2024 |
The Best Experimental Film, HECare Film Festival, Ontario, Canada
2023 | Best student animated movie, MM Fest, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
2023 | Award Winner, Afragola International Film Festival of Architecture and Design, Afragola, Italy
2023 | Nominated, uandu International Animation Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
2023 | Experimental Spirit Award, Dunhuang Animation Film Festival, Dunhuang, China
2023 | Award Winner, Feminist Border Arts Film Festival, New Mexico, United States
2022 | Honorable Mention, The Fear Faire Film Festival, CA, USA
2022 | Winner of the student section, 19th Sedicicorto Forlì International Film Festival, Italy
2022 | First place, International Animation Festival Chilemonos, Chile, Santiago
2015 | First Place team, 4th Kashan National Game Development Competition, Kashan
2015 | Finalist team, 1st Game Development Marathon of the University of Isfahan, Isfahan
2014 | Winner of the poster section, 5th Puppet Show Festival of Tehran University, Tehran
2010 | Winner, 1st festival of Ritual and Traditional photos, Shiraz

2024 |
Istanbul Summit 2024, Blouny, Istanbul, Turkey
2024 | The Green Path, Asifa Iran, Tehran, Iran
2024 | Cryptoart V8.0, ArtBees gallery and lham gallery, Paris, France
2023 | Tehran Tech Summit, Tehran, Iran
2023 | Welcome to the Here and Now, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA
2023 | Pepe Fest, NFTSYD, Sydney, Australia
2023 | 6060 Art Show, Non Fongible Conference, Lisbon, Portugal 
2023 | NFT NYC, Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA
2023 | Art Dubai, Morrow Collective, Dubai, UAE
2022 | ‘Self’ Exhibition, OP.ΞNSPACE Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherland
2022 | Crypto Art Week Asia, Singapore 
2022 | NFTLiverpool, Liverpool, England
2022 | Gateway to Metaverse, Global NFT Exhibition, Sharjah, UAE
2022 | Global NFT Exhibition, Rome Palazzo Merulana, Italy
2021 | Global NFT Exhibition, K11 Musea Start Art Gallery, Hong Kong
2020 | Exposition D’oeuvres Iraniennes, Group exhibition, Salon du Coquelicot, Chambourcy, France
2017 | Illustration Week, Group exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
2016 | Me and Graphic, Group exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
2016 | Tobacco, Group exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
2016 | Leap Festival, University of Tehran Student Club, Tehran, Iran

2024 | Hermodr, Diyar Collection
2024 | Darz, Nowruz Campaign
2023 | Jabama, Safargraphy Campaign
2023 |, Decal szn 3 series 29
2023 | aassttiinn, Yalda Campaign
2023 | 6529 Complaint Card, NONFT
2023 | iCHO HOUSE, Promotional campaign
2022 | Capsule House, Derivative artwork "Sun Shower"
2022 | DigiStyle, Nowruz Campaign
2022 | Raz Handmade Jewelry, “Heavenly Pomegranate Seeds” promotion
2022 | Wrapped Penguins, Pengu Fountain
2021 | Koi Basics, Voca Voca cover art
2021 | Xpherekube, Cover arts
2021 | KhoniaFM, Episode 2
2021 | Bored Ape Ladies Collective, Ether Queen
2020-2021 | Dropout Games, Pixel artist and game designer
2020 | Dead Mage, Pixel artist
2019-2020 |, Graphic designer
2016-2018 | Department of Cultural Affairs, University of Tehran, Graphic designer
2017 | Arena Hayat Danesh Company, Graphic designer
2017 | Tehran University Health and Treatment Center, Graphic designer
2017 | Iranian product support campaign - National Standard Organization, Graphic designer
2016 | Sikas company (under the support of Fanap company), User interface designer
2015-2017 | Fine Arts Campus Newsletter, Graphic Design and Layout
2016 | Fine arts campus research paper, Graphic designer
2016 | Dadar Drug Company, Graphic designer
2015 | Tajang Pey Company, Graphic designer
2016 | NikSazan Negin Fars Company, Graphic designer
2016 | the first e-learning festival of Tehran University, Graphic designer
2016 | 1st University of Science and Technology TEDEX, Motion designer
2016 | 2nd Tehran University of Art TEDEX , Motion designer
2016 | advertising teaser of the brand “Shoes”, Animator
2015 | Puppet show "Gonbad Be Doosh" directed by Popek Azim Pour, Graphic designer
2015 | TV documentary "Adaltahane" directed by Ashraf Tabatabai, Photographer
2015 | Techrasa company, Graphic designer
2014-2015 | Tehran University Game Club, Game artist
2014-2015 | Tehran Municipality Beautification Organization (Baharistan campaigns, diligent citizen, law-abiding citizen, family consolidation, new city campaigns), Graphic Designer
2014 | "Sandaliha" theater, directed by Talieh Tarighi, Photographer
2014 | "Ashqane Fereydoun” theater directed by Kia Talasi, Photographer
2013 | 1st Tehran University TEDEX, Graphic designer
2013 | "Bidingjili" theater directed by Saeed Zarei, Photographer
2012 | “1 Millimicron to Death” theater directed by Ahmed Selgi, Photographer