About Me

Naime Pakniyat
Born in Feb. 24th 1994

2017-2020 | Master of Animation, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran
2012-2017 | Bachelor of Graphic design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University

I have always been a big fan of cultures, especially Eastern ones. In 2016 I found the combination of pixel art and traditional paintings and elements as a bridge between past and present, ancient and modern life and I started my Persian miniature pixelated journey. In 2020, it led to start the production of my first 3 minute animated movie ,named “Gambit”, a film which was my final project for my MA in Animation course at Tehran University. The film has already been selected in more than 20 international festivals and was rewarded in some of them.

Later in August 2021, I joined the NFT space. Most of my NFT pieces are inspired by the Persian miniature. I try to add my kind of stories to that bed of cultural elements which I borrow from miniature.
Going deep into my art, I design the buildings and space in my art based on the perspective used in Persian miniature and add the same kind of people with the same kind of costume to tell my own stories.

Besides that there’s always been a great intention toward Japanese and Far East culture inside of me. As my genesis NFT was a piece inspired by the Shibuya crossing. In my point of view, traditional buildings and elements are full of precise details that are lost in today’s fast-paced world and I aim to keep these cultural elements from fading away by mixing pixel art ,as a modernity sign, with traditional aspects from ancient times.