Naime x NFTPrism

“NFTPrism” is a creative club for collecting NFTs and creating “derivatives” from them.

‘People Up the River’ is my debute drop here.

“I haven’t seen their village.
No doubts, on the feet of their fences there is a sign of God.
The moon in there lightens words.
For sure, the walls must be short in there.
There the folk know what sort of flower is anemone
Surely there the blue is blue
A bud is blossoming, and they know it.
What a village it must be! May its gardens and paths be filled with lovely songs!
The people, up the river, understand water.
They haven’t muddied it.
We either, let’s not muddy the water!”
Water – Sohrab Sepehri

Video information:
MP4 format
12 fps
2124 x 1986 pixels
15 sec